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Classic Clueless Criminal: Hackett man shows up for plea hearing " under the influence of alcohol"

A Hackett man who was already on the hook for felony Forgery charges and facing an enhanced sentence as a habitual offender didn't endear himself to either the judge or the court when he showed up drunk at a plea bargain event on Wednesday.

Forty-eight year old Everette Todd Degen was arrested in March of 2020 on a charge of Forgery in the Second Degree-Deed, Will, Contract, or Check for a crime he committed in October of 2019. He served two days in the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center before he was released on a $1000 legally sufficient bond.

When Degen showed up Wednesday "manifested under the influence of alcohol" he was remanded to the custody of the sheriff on a no-bond hold.

When prosecutors got the case, they decided to add the Habitual Offender designation, which can add up to four years onto a sentence after a conviction.

Degen earned that designation.

From August of 2006 through his latest arrest, Degen has five felony convictions for Forgery, Hot Check Violation, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia and Aggravated Assault, all of which resulted in 96 months of imposed sentences and an additional 360 months of suspended sentences. That record is chockfull of Failiure to Appear and Revocation citations as well.

After a August 2013 conviction for Aggravated Assault and a 24-month prison sentence, Degen apparently decided to take his act to central Arkansas where, starting in February of 2014 he racked up seven different district court cases with public intoxication, loitering indecent exposure nd a double handful of failure to appear charges.

He mainly paid a lot of fines and spent some time in the Pulaski County Detention Center during their period before returning to Sebastian County in 2019 to continue his felonious ways.

Degen will be back in court on October 6 for his plea and sentencing if he can stay out of the jailhouse hooch until then.

ar himself to the judge oir court on Wednesday when he showed

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