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City of Fort Smith announces completion of another project mandated by federal Consent Decree

Fort Smith utilities continues to engage in mandated projects as part pf the efforts to meet the requirements of the Consent Decree handed down by the federal government.

As part of the work being done on this Consent Decree-related project, contractors recently replaced a section of clay pipe with a 336-foot, 8-inch high-density polyethylene pipe using the pipe bursting techniques.

The pipe bursting process draws a new fused polyline through the existing sewer main using a winch and an air-powered ram that propels the line forward. Following the installation of the new main, the crew employs a drill and hole saw to create an opening, inserts a fitting known as an Inserta Tee, and subsequently replaces the sewer service up to the property line while installing a clean-out tee.

The scope of work for this project consists of the remediation of approximately 4,070 linear feet of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer lines and the replacement of approximately 22 manholes. To date, 2,238 linear feet of 8" pipe, 850.4 linear feet of 4" pipe, and 13 manholes have been replaced.

Learn more about the Consent Decree and City of Fort Smith Water Utilities projects at -

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