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Circuit Court plea sends 36-year-old to prison for eight years for Second Degree Sexual Assault

A thirty-seven year-old Fort Smith resident arrest in May of this year for a Second degree Sexual Assault that occurred a year previously was sentenced to eight years in the Arkansas prison system last week after a plea deal in the 12th Circuit Division Court of Sebastian County.

Raul Ortiz , who has been in jail since May 31 on a no-bond hold, now awaits t0ransfer to the Arkansas Department of Corrections. According to information from Arkansas Court Connect the Class B Felony infraction occurred April 1, 2020 just three days before Ortiz was arrested for a Contempt charge for failure to pay fines.

A Second Degree Sexual assault charge usually indicated the victim was a minor under the age of sixteen.

Ortiz was also the subject of an order of protection filed against him by his ex-wife back in October of last year approximately one month after their divorced was filed.

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