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Circuit court plea deal results in lengthy prison stay for Hackett habitual offender

Johanna Dawn Buikema

A 36-year-old Hackett woman who has been arrested for at least fourteen felonies in the past ten years was sentenced last week to a lengthy prison stay as a habitual offender for a number of drug-activity related crimes.

Johanna Dawn Buikema drew a total of 70-years imposed with another 20-years suspended in court action last week in the Sebastian County Circuit Court. According to Arkansas sentencing guidelines, she must do 70% of one of the 20-year terms to be eligible for parole.

Builema, who has been convicted and sent to prison at least five times since 2013, has a litany of drug related arrests in her past, and the sentencing last week was in connection with crimes dating back to May of 2020.v She was convicted of Maintaining a Premises for Drug Activity, Possession of Methamphetamine with the Purpose to Deliver, two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia as well as a failure to Appear Warrant.

Most 0f Buikema's arrests and convictions over the years have been drug related. She has also had arrests for felony domestic battery and forgery and two of her drug cases saw her as a co-defendant in cases with her spouses at the time.

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