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Cherokee County deputies make arrest after handgun discharges in Keys convenience store

On the evening of Tuesday December 26, CCSO deputy Maribel Santana respondedhe Keys area of C to a shots fired report at a convenience store in Cherokee County.

The reporting party stated an unknown male dropped a handgun out of his coat pocket while waiting in line at the cash register. When the handgun hit the floor, the gun fired. The male picked the handgun off the floor and left the store.

When Deputy Santana arrived at the store, she found a bullet hole in merchandise near the cash register and a bullet hole in the store’s ceiling. Deputy Santana was given a copy of the store’s surveillance recordings and found the unknown male to be wearing a bright orange coat and an red OU ball cap.

On the morning of Wednesday December 27, CCSO investigators Sergeant James Carver and Sergeant Kile Turley went to the store in Keys and viewed surveillance recordings of the incident.

Sergeants Carver and Turley believed the unknown male suspect to be attempting to rob the store with the handgun. Sergeant Carver was able to identify the unknown male suspect as BRAD JONES a 48-year-old resident of the Keys area from previous dealings with Jones

Sergeants Carver and Turley obtained a search warrant for Jones’ residence and along with other CCSO deputies and investigators arrested him on the afternoon of Wednesday

December 27. Jones admitted he was the male who dropped his handgun in the store the previous evening and told Sergeants Turley and Carver where to find the handgun in his residence. The handgun, a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver was located in a bedroom in the Jones residence along with the bright orange coat and the OU ball cap.

Jones was booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center for the misdemeanor crime of Discharging a Firearm in a Public Place and the felony crime of Robbery or Attempted Robbery with a Firearm. JONES is a member of the Cherokee Nation and will by prosecuted in Cherokee Nation Tribal Court or by the Federal Government in the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

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