• Dennis McCaslin

Charges from 2020 sends Hector woman off to prison with an eight year long reservation

Nicole Leeann Chisum

A Pope County woman will spend a considerable amount of times behind bars after a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit on Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia and for Furnishing Prohibited Items to a Correctional Facility last week.

Thirty-six year-old Nicole Leeann Chisum of Hector was arrested on the Paraphernalia and Furnishing Prohibited Items to a Correctional Facility charges back in February of 2020. The second arrest for which she was sentenced last week Occurred October 22 of that same year.

Last week, Chisum received eight years imposed with 22-years suspended with habitual offender enhancements as a total time sentence for all the violations.

In both those cases she was arrested with a male co-defendant.

Chisum also had a pri0or felony conviction for Forgery and Theft of Pr0operty in Crawford County in 2017 that factored into her habitual offender status.

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