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Chad "Stolen Valor" Davis to be featured in series

There's not much to be said about Chad Davis but that's only because he's never done anything worth getting noticed... unless you count the time he showed up to court with his brother's ex wife. That was classy.

Chad Clifford Davis, of Roland, is the new feature in a series on Today In Fort Smith where we'll profile the most hate-filled detractors and opponents of veterans and disabled veterans.

Chad's main target is his twin brother, Clint Davis. Clint is a disabled veteran and co-founder of Today In Fort Smith; often a target for Chad, known for targeting people based on his disbelief in their personal and religious views.

One part in this series will feature how Chad turned against his own parents in 2001 because his mommy didn't live in the same house with his daddy. It was none of his business but he trashed his mother for four years. Plenty of evidence is in hand on that issue.

Once he was finished targeting his mother, he turned his sights on to his brother. Because why not turn against everyone in the family?

Initially a dispute about whether or not Terri Schiavo should be pulled off a feeding tube in 2005 (also none of his business), Chad Davis has turned his inability to control other people into a war on everyone he disagrees with, including veterans.

If you feel differently about someone that Chad Davis hates, he will make sure to pump you full of false information until you change your mind. That's the control he needs over other people.

Chad's newest mission in life is to convince everyone that his twin brother, Clint, is powerful enough and influential enough to defraud the federal government, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the VFW with "stolen valor."

Since these accusations are now a matter of public safety and concern, we will investigate thoroughly and report accordingly.

Stay tuned for this 4 or 5 part series. We haven't decided how in-depth it will be yet.

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