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Chad Davis, Part 1: Recruiting weaker minds

Who is Tyler Thibideux anyway?

The first piece in our spotlight on Chad "Stolen Valor" Davis and his constant harassment of a disabled veteran takes a small look at some of the small minds he's been able to take advantage of throughout the years.

On April 15th, a vulnerable and impressionable young man came to the Facebook page of Today in Fort Smith and rudely asked if we paid our recent $100 cash winner out of "stolen valor" money. Because apparently that's what the VA hands out. Stolen valor money.

The young man was Tyler Thibodeux, a Roland High School graduate and recent Navy noob. As ignorant of a question as that was, you can't fault a millennial kid for believing everything he hears, but you can fault him for taking part in disrespecting those who served before him.

To understand how Tyler got involved in the never-ending saga of which Davis twin is cooler than the other, we have to go back to the 1990s. Even before Tyler Thibodeux was born.

The Class of 2000 at Roland High School contained three specific individuals. Student council member and class favorite, Clint Davis. Also class representative and class favorite, Chad Davis. And then there was Tony Ward. Chad's lackey.

In late 1999, Tony's father passed away. Somewhere in the mix, Chad Davis didn't want his brother going to Tony's dad's funeral and he didn't want his brother being Tony's friend. That's how Chad was, and still is to this day. He has to have all the attention. I hear it's a middle-child thing.

So what happened next? Chad Davis begins a 15-year (still going) rumor that his brother is talking trash about Tony's father. None of it was substantiated but what was the outcome? Chad was able to isolate his friend and turn him against Clint. The stage was set.

Did I mention the fact that Tyler is Tony's nephew and that Chad Davis was allowed to influence Tyler since he was a child? Why else would a kid that Clint never met in person want to start talking the same trash about his service that Chad talks? It's no coincidence and it doesn't even look like one.

Fast forward to 2004. Clint Davis is out of the Navy and moves to Tulsa. Tony Ward starts driving to Tulsa on weekends to hang out with Clint because he had a drum set and guitars. And they thought they could be friends. But enter Chad Davis again! He wasn't having any of it! Chad has to have separate friends and it's almost as if he'll self destruct if he has to share a friend with Clint. To make a long story short, Clint and Tony grew up playing trumpets together but they haven't spoken to each other since 2004 because Chad Davis had other plans and was able to execute those plans on a weak mind.

It would not be the last.

Chad Davis worked for a trucking company in Van Buren for a period of time in the 2010s. He was fired for treating a driver like garbage over an entire weekend, causing the driver to lose money and almost his job. According to four eye-witnesses, Chad Davis was also known around the workplace as the "phantom crapper" because of his constant compulsion to defecate on the floors in the bathrooms at the facility.

You can't make this stuff up.

Fast forward to 2014 and Clint Davis began working for the same trucking company. And what happened next? That's right! Chad Davis got involved! He needed everyone at the facility to hate Clint and turn against him because of "stolen valor." He found a little buddy in karate classes named Marty Leakey and he faxed Marty a fake DD214 with almost nothing on it. That's when Marty took it upon himself to take part in harassing Clint by putting the paper on his desk and running off as if he'd never be noticed.

Marty got lucky that day when Clint decided that his only course of action would be to notify the HR manager about workplace harassment of a disabled veteran.

It was just another example of how violent Clint can be.

Long story short, Marty still avoids Clint because he learned the hard way that you don't insert yourself in family matters that don't involve your family. Especially if you only hear one side of a story.

There's much more to this saga that we'll touch on at a later date.

Many people around the River Valley remember the American Hero Project. It was founded by Clint Davis and 99% of the work was completed by Clint Davis, however Chad Davis was allowed to get involved one day and it all disappeared.

Dustin Demoss (an interesting story) and local know-it-all Chad Simpson immediately turned their backs on Clint when they listened to Chad Davis. They took the American Hero Project away and let it fall by the wayside.

All because Chad convinced some small minds that his brother was "stealing valor" and couldn't possibly honor those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Chad and Clint Davis are currently 38 years old. They've legally been adults for 20 years now. Out of those 20 years, Chad Davis has devoted 15 of them to destroying all credibility and any amount of respect that anyone would have for his brother.

Stay tuned for Part 2. It gets way better.

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