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Centerton police report details information concerning March 30 Benton County domestic drama arrest

As follow up on our first story regarding the arrest of Adam J. Kuettel in Benton County, Today in Fort Smith has uncovered the following information:

According to the records of the Centerton Police Department, on March 30, 2020, police were dispatched to Keswick Drive for a reported male carrying an assault weapon with a suppressor.

A neighbor reported that Kuettel was banging on his door looking for his “spouse" and also reported that Kuettel appeared to be intoxicated.

The neighbor turned over video footage from a security camera to police. This footage shows Kuettel carrying an AR-15 rifle with the suppressor cradled in his left arm “at the ready.”

The Centerton Police Department report goes on to describe an interview they had with his fiance, Lauren Elizabeth “Beth” Shipman Duensing where she describes Kuettel has having a long history of bipolar and alcohol abuse. She is quoted as saying that Kuettel was “quite delusional” right now.

Duensing goes on to state that there had been a disturbance with Kuettel the night before involving officers because Kuettel was under the influence of approximately 40 plus clonopin pills.

On the day in question, March 30, Duensing stated that Kuettel had consumed another 14 clonopin pills to finish off an entire month’s prescription in two days.

According to the report, Duensing and Kuettel had argued the night before regarding her belief that he needed to be treated for “dependency” issues.

Duensing also expressed to police that on that evening she had departed the residence with her young son. When she returned to the residence, Kuettel then loaded a “large gun” and pointed it at the Duensing

Duensing reported that she was “not scared for her safety but she asked Kuettel that if he was going to shoot her, not to do it in front of her son.”

After obtaining a search warrant signed by Judge Karren in Benton County, the home of Kuettel was searched. During the search, officers located an AR-15, 15 long guns – most with scopes or modifications to include a .50 caliber Barrett, two shotguns, two hand guns, and a BB gun rifle. Ammunition including 14 armor piercing .50 caliber rounds in addition to two incendiary. 50 caliber rounds.

There was also an estimated 5000 rounds of various caliber. There were 17 loaded magazines, 12 empty magazines and 20 boxes of ammunition of all various calibers, eight metal ammunition cans with hundreds of rounds, and ten cases for the long guns. In all, there was an estimated total value of weapons and ammunition totaling $70,000.

The entire police report is online at Arkansas Court Connect. We are not linking to that document out of respect to some of the witness information.

Duensing also told police that they couple was planning to move to Florida “soon.”

However, according to a Facebook post made by Kuettell on March 25 to the Alabama Hunting Club & Leases page, Kuettel stated: “Hello all. I am moving to south Alabama and looking to join a club. Looking for a club with a lot of acreage, mature bucks only, shoot does, kid friendly. Would like something within 3 hours of Orange Beach. Price range is 3-5k. Thanks in advance.”

Today in Fort Smith is unsure if Duensing and Kuettel will be making any move out of state in the near future, as Kuettel, has been charged with Aggravated Assault on a Family or Household member, Class D Felony; Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Class D Felony; Criminal Trespass, Class A Misdemeanor; Disorderly Conduct, Class C Misdemeanor and Assault First Degree, a Class Misdemeanor.

Kuettel was released on a $50,000 bond and he is ordered to appear on the 20th day of May, 2020 at 8 am in Benton County Circuit Court, Division 2 for further proceedings.

Believe it or not, Kuettel’s troubles do not stop there. On March 5, Haley Kathryn Kuettel, filed for an order of protection against her ex-husband, Adam Kuettel.

Kuettel was scheduled to appear in court on March 31, 2020, but he was still being detained in the Benton County Jail on assault charges. A new court date has been set on May 5, 2020 at 9 am.

The order of protection was originally filed in the 19th West Circuit Division 5 with Judge Xollie Duncan. However, court records indicate that Judge Duncan has recused herself from this case.

In 2012, Kuettel sued James Steward, a Tennessse man for his efforts to draw attention to the suspicious death of his niece, Sarah Fennell.

Judge Xollie Duncan had ruled in Kuettel’s favor barring Steward from things like “using the Internet to suggest that Kuettel caused the woman’s death.”

Unsatisfied with what he believed to be an unfair ruling, Steward fought back and filed an appeal – and won, overturning Judge Xollie Duncan’s decision.

It turns out that Steward just might have known what he was talking about after all. For more information on that case, click here:

James Steward and other members of Sarah Fennell’s family still believe that their beloved Sarah died under suspicious circumstances. Her death, however, was ruled as “natural causes.”

For more information about the death of Sarah Fennell, visit:

A portion of Sarah’s medical records can be found here:

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