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Car cresting hill on rural Pope County highway strikes and kills 31-year-old Hector woman

The Arkansas State Police released a report late Thursday afternoon detailing an accident in rural Polk County on Tuesday that was responsible for the death of a Hector woman.

According to the ASP preliminary report Brittany C. Duvall, 31, of Hector was walking in the middle of a traffic lane just under the crest of a hill on State Highway 105 just after 9:00 p.m.

A 2016 Nissan driven by 25-year-old Avery S. Ennis crested the hill and struck Duvall in the southbound lane. The front of the vehicle struck Duvall and she was pronounced dead at the scene by the Pope County Coroner's Office.

Trooper Adrianne Belcher work the accident for the ASP and noted clear weather conditions and A dry roadway at the time of the accident.

Duval's death represents the 65th fatality of the year on Arkansas roads and highways.

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