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Bundle deal on felony charges results in five-year sentence for Fort Smith druggie

A plea deal for one count of Attempted Possession of Drugs and Firearms Simultaneously was enough to send a 27-year-old Fort Smith druggie to prison for only five years despite the fact he was facing five felonies in total stemming from a 2019 arrest.

Andrew Somdis Xaysanasy was allowed to plea out to the one count involving the "attempted" possession of firearms and drugs despite being arrested in December of 2019 for Maintaining a Drug Premises, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Simultaneous Possessions of Drugs and Firearms, Possession of Paraphernalia and Theft by Receiving.

Since the deal wasn't quite sweet enough from the local cattle processing cicuit court, he also avoided a habitual offender tag with the plea and got fifteen years of suspended sentences in the sweetheart dance.

Xaysanasy bonded out for $25,000 nineteen days after his initial arrest on December 13, 2019 arrest.He also has back-to-back arrest on major drug charges back in 2013 that saw him draw suspended sentences and, of course, fines both times.

The public will also be relieved to know that Xaysanasy will have to forfeit his dirvers license for a whole six months after his release.

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