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Boone County sex offender arrested for failing to meet registration requirements

A Boone County registered sex offender whose last recorded address with authorities was in the 8800 block of Highway 7S in Harrison, was arrested on Tuesday for felony Failing to Comply with Registration Requirements, according to the Boone County Sheriif Office.

Thomas Ray Wilson,48, is a Level 4 sex offender who was convicted of sexually molesting an 11 year-old girl sometime before 2008 according to Arkansas Court Connect.

He has been known to use several aliases, including Thomas Ray Daryl Wilson and Thomas Stipe and has twetly arrests for Failing to Comply, Burglary and other felony counts.

His arrests and cponvictions have mostly been in Boone County, but he also shows felony arrests in Madison and Searcy counties as well. In M ay of 2019 he was sentenced to twelve months in the ADC for the same crime.

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