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Boone County sex offender arrested at least eighteen times for violating registration requirements

A Boone County man who has had court interactions for felony charges of Failure to Report as a Sex Offender on numerous occasions since 2008 is back in jail for the same crime, according to officials with the Boone County Detention center.

Listed as Thomas Ray Wilson in the newest booking information, the 50-year-old deviant was booked into the Boone County jail complex on Thursday of last week and charged with Failure to /Register/Failure to Comply with Reporting Requirements as a Sex Offender. He was also hit with a habiual offender tag, which seems to be a given..

It's at least the 18th time similar charges has been filed against Wilson since he moved to the state from California after his original conviction. According to the original booking information, Wilson was first convicted in 1991 for a lewd and lascivious act with a child under the age of 14 in California. Court records indicate that arrest was after Wilson had forcible sexual contact with 11-year-old boy. According to information from our content sharing partner "The Arkansas Justice Project", Wilson has admitted to molesting at least five boys between the ages of 9 and 11 years During his latest arrest, Wilson listed Harrison being his hometown although he has also been "homeless" on several occasions. In addition to the arrests for charges under his real name, Wilson has been known to use the aliases of Thomas Stipe, Thomas Ray Daryl Wilson, Thomas Ray Stipe, and Thomas Ray Daryl Wilson.. While the vast majority of Wilson's arrests over the years have come from violations of the Sex Offender Registry act, he's also been arrested for various other crimes including burglary. According to information from Arkansas Court Connect , he was sentenced to a total of 36 and current months in prison for registration violations occurring in 2020. He received that time during a negotiated plea in Boone county. He served a total of 773 days in the county jail on those charges and was arrested again almost immediately after being let out for failing to report once again.

From a 2015 newspaper article:

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