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Boone County couple facing child endangement charges after man cuts off own leg with chop saw

A man and woman in Boone County, Arkansas are each facing first-degree charges of endangering the welfare of a child after investigators say the man cut off his right leg while a child was present.

According to court documents, A Corporal with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department responded after someone called dispatch about a man with an amputated right leg on Aug. 2.

When the Corporal arrived on scene he said he found Shannon Cox lying in front of the house, with no clothes and missing part of his right leg. Cox told authorities the injury was caused by “a chop saw.”

Cox was taken to a Springfield hospital and investigators found blood on the floor, with Cox’s leg still in place on the saw. Investigators also said a child was at the home at the time.

Investigators also found a 20-pound propane cylinder laying on top of a car with ashes inside the car, which had a window broken.

Investigators contacted Cox’s wife Sandy, who was not at the home. According to court records, Sandy Cox told investigators Shannon had been acting odd all day.

Sandy said Shannon claimed he was Jesus Christ before becoming “violent” with her and saying he was Satan. The affidavit shows Sandy said Shannon never touched her but made verbal threats to “twist her head off.”

Sandy told investigators she left the home because she was afraid Shannon would kill her. When asked why she did not take the child with her, Sandy said she was not worried about the child, according to court documents.

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