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Blurred Justice: The Anthony Christoper saga in chronological order

Today in Fort Smith was informed today that Medicaid fraud suspect, "former" Springdale businessman and child therapy clinic owner, and all around ass clown Anthony Christopher has been making claims (again) that we "shut down" our coverage of him and his misdeeds because of some sort of fairy tale lawsuit he filed against us and an injunction he apparently received in his pink-tinted dreams.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are actively still compiling information about the crimes, mistreatment of former employees and financial fraud he has pulled on countless victims in the past.

He has done a good job of buying his way out of trouble and/or intimidating people in the past but, as we have said, we invite his legal action against us and relish the thought of having him on the witness stand in a cross examination situation.

We are not intimidated or afraid. Mr. Christopher will be a convicted felon soon enough and there are going to be repercussions beyond his prison term in the future. Not just for him, but for those who have participated in his egocentric reign of terror.

So just for kicks and giggles, here is every story we have written about Anthony Christopher in the past year. We were going to let sleeping dogs lie until his June 3 clerk review in his Medicaid case, but he has to keep poking the bear.....

These stories were all posted on our old website and we never bothered to repopulate them on this site.

Because he's not as big a deal as he likes to think he is.

Toodles for now, Crissy.......












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