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Blurred Justice: A recap of past stories in the series about Anthony Christoper and Medicaid fraud

Editors note: Today in Fort Smith was notified today of salacious and possibly slanderous claims by soon-to-be-tried (and hopefully convicted) felony Identity and Medicaid fraud suspect Christopher Anthony that he somehow used an attorney to "force us" to take down the stories we have written about him since March 3.

While this slander will be dealt with accordingly, we are taking this opportunity to post links to the six stories we have written about this pathological liar to this point in defiance of his delusional claims of "having the stories removed".

While we have yet to be served any legal documents concerning Mr. Christoper, we welcome contact from his legal team and relish the thought of facing him in court and having him on a witness stand, albeit that perjury has not seemingly been a problem for him in the past.

If "Rocko" thinks he can silence Today in Fort Smith from covering this story (which has also been reported on by the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette) then he is more delusional than we first believed, which I didn't think possible.

The Facebook access to the stories disappeared because we now have a new website and it was not technically possible to populate stories from the old site to the current one.

The stories, along with the original cover art, are all posted here despite Christopher's pathetic lies....

Justice Blurred: The curious case of an accused felon aided and abetted by the Benton County courts

Blurred Justice: Complete text of Warrant of Affidavit filed in NWA Medicaid fraud case

Justice Blurred: Benton County justice is blind...blind to the truth and facts... apparently

Blurred Justice: Part Three - An open letter to the law firm of Wright, Lindsey and Jennings

Justice Blurred: Is the web of injustice in Benton County an ongoing enterprise?

Blurred Justice: Judge who sided with Medicaid Fraud suspect issues no-contact order in custody case

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