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Bluejacket long-term care facility owner charged with financial exploitation of residents

The owner of a long-term care facility has been charged with 17 counts of exploiting residents, who were elderly or physically or mentally unable to handle their finances.

Randy Joe McKinney, 61, is alleged to have stolen over $62,000 from at least 17 residents while he owned Golden Life Residential Care Facility in Bluejacket, Okla., around 16 miles northeast of Vinita.

The victims were all elderly, or unable to manage their finances, due to disability or mental health disorders.

Acting Attorney General Dawn Cash said exploiting the elderly or those with mental health disorders is unacceptable.

“We cannot tolerate anyone taking such blatant advantage of these vulnerable individuals,” Acting Attorney General Cash said. “This office will never hesitate to go after perpetrators who prey on those who cannot protect themselves. We will also vindicate the victims in court and hope to return funds to the rightful owners.”

The investigation found that while McKinney was running and managing the facility, residents would have their finances deposited into a single bank account managed by McKinney on their behalf. He would then transfer funds beyond what was owed to the facility.

According to authorities, checks were sometimes written to a different company owned by McKinney that had no benefit to the residents, and he would sign checks to other entities with no supporting documentation that the residents received any benefit from the transaction.

If convicted, McKinney faces a maximum of 170 years in prison, fines of $170,000 or both.

All defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Read the charging documents, here:

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