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Bi-state felon returned to Sequoyah County for failure to pay fines and fees for 2011 convictions

An Oklahoma City man who has been convicted of felonies in both Arkansas and Oklahoma was arrested and brought back to Sequoyah County on Saturday where he faces additional felony charges for failure to pay fines and fees in a case from 2010 as well as a felony Petititon to Revoke warrant on various drug charges out of Sebastian County.

Aaron Christopher Bowen, 29, owes the state of Oklahoma fines and fees totalling $5,546.56 stemming from felon proceedings linked to a robbery gone bad in 2010 that resulted in the death of a one year girl who was shot in the head as Bowen and two others fled the scene near Roland.

Bowen, who was intially charged with Murder in the incident, was given a ten year prison sentence after a plea deal in which he agreed to testify against Heather Jones, the mother of one-year-old Elaine Keene, who was struck by a bullet in Feburary 2010 as the robbers tried to make a getaway.

In that plea deal, Bowen accepted the ten-year sentence in November 2011 and plead guilty to Robbery by Two or More Persons and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery by Two or More Persons.

Heather Jones, who had driven Bowen and another man to scene of the crime with her daughter in the vehicle, was senetenced to fifteen years in prison for Second Degree Murder, She was discharged from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections on March 19 of this year.

Bowen, who was to make restitution to the state as part of his plea deal, made his last payment on accrued fines and fees in late 2018 and a bench warrant was issued for him in May 2019 out of Sequoyah County.

The legal issues on the Arkansas side of the border came, incredibly, from an October 2013 plea on charges of Maintaining a Drug Premises and Possession of a Controlled Substance with Inrtent to Deliver.

Obviously, after his 2011 Oklahoma conviction and given credit for time served, Bowen was out of prison by early 2013 to commit the Sebastian County drug offenses.

He was able to avoid some charges in the case but wound up with two 24-month sentences set to run concurrently on a plea deal.

A Felony Petition to Revoke was issued for Bowen in Ocober of 2018 by Sebastian County authorities.

Bowen remains on the Sequoyah County jail in Sallisaw awaiting a court appearance this week.

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