• Dennis McCaslin

Bentonville sex offender arrested for failing to register

A Benton County man who negotiated a plea deal in 2016 on a 2013 charge of Sexual Indecency with a Child remains jailed on Sunday on a $3500 bond for failing to report an addr3ess change.

Officers with the Benton County Sheriff Office say 25-year-old Tony Curtis Bridges, who last reported address was in thee 10000 block of Mill Dam Road in Bentonville, was booked into the Benton County Detention Center on Friday for failing to comply with the conditions of his probation.

Officers discovered the discrepancy after Bridges was arrested on March 17 for Terroristic Threatening and Failure to Appear charges stemming from a November 2020 arrest.

Those charges, as well as the Failure to Report as a Sex Offender allowed officials to reopen the 2016 conviction on the negotiate plea, which drew Bridges 72 months probation.

Bridges could now face addition time for the 2013 crime and 2016 conviction as well as whatever time he amasses on his new charges.

These is no information available as to the current residential address of Bridges.

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