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Benton County woman in violation of probation for contact with boyfriend?

When Today in Fort Smith last touched on the arrest of Adam Kuettel, we shared a copy of the protective order that prevents him from having any contact with Lauren Elizabeth (Beth) Shipman-Duensing.

As you may recall, Kuettel pointed an assault rifle at Shipman-Duensing during an alcohol and drug induced frenzy.

Today in Fort Smith was then contacted by the group What Happened to Sarah Fennell of Fort Smith. The group reported to us (and in a public Facebook post) that Shipman-Duensing has been sending threatening and harassing messages to them on behalf of her fiancé, Adam Kuettel.

More information about that situation can be found at

Interestingly enough, this is not Shipman-Duensing’s first “rodeo” when it comes to threats, harassment and criminal mischief.

In August of 2018, Shipman-Duensing was charged with Terroristic Threatening-2nd Degree and Criminal Mischief – 1st Degree. According to court records, Shipman-Duensing negotiated a guilty plea and is now on supervised probation.

Shipman-Duensing’s probation requirements are attached to this article – but I would like to point out that Shipman-Duensing is specifically prohibited from owning, possessing firearms and she must not be in the company of any person that possesses such a weapon. She is also not allowed to possess any ammunition.

Interesting… because according to the police report filed against Kuettel, he lives with Shipman-Duensing and owns numerous firearms…. That’s definitely a probation violation.

Furthermore, Shipman-Duensing is forbidden from using, selling, distributing or possessing any controlled substance or associate with any person who is participating in or known to participate in the illegal use of controlled substances. Also interesting.

According to the same police report against Kuettel, he was abusing a controlled substance and Shipman-Duensing detailed out the drug abuse to law enforcement in the report. That’s strike two for Shipman-Duensing.

And while there is not specific clause mandating that Shipman-Duensing refrain from threatening or harassing others, I do believe it is implied that she should not conduct herself in the same manner that landed her on probation in the first place.

More to come in this ever growing saga of Adam Kuettel and Lauren Elizabeth Shipman-Duensing.

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