• Dennis McCaslin

Benton County sex offender behind bars for failing to comply with registration requirements

The Siloam Springs Police Department arrested a man on a pair of charges relating to his status as a convicted sex offender and the suspect added to his legal woes by resisting arrest, according to booking information from Benton County.

Raymond Peraza-Ayuso, 28, was booked for Failure to register or Comply with Reporting and for living to close to a school or place of worship. He was also charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest during his exchange with officers.

Peraza-Ayuso was given 72 months of supervised probation on a negotiated guilty plea in February of 2019 after a 2108 arrest for Video Voyeurism. As part of his negotiated plea Peraza-Ayuso was ordered to adhere to the regulations of the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry.

Peraza-Ayuso's listed address on the state Sex Offender Registry was in the 900 block of Morgan Haley Lane in Bethel Heights. His employer is listed in Gentry.

He remained jailed on the three charges at 6:26 p.m. on Thursday.

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