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Bank OZK partnering with area teachers to provide online financial literacy educational couses

Bank OZK (Nasdaq: OZK) is bringing financial literacy education to students and residents in Arkansas counties. Students at 19 schools and the surrounding community have free access to Banzai, an award-winning online program and content library that allows users to practice real-world finance from the safety of their home or classroom using any internet-enabled device.

At a time when a solid foundation of practical financial knowledge is critical, these resources will make a huge impact on users.

Through the Banzai online courses, students try out managing a budget, saving for a goal, anddealing with unexpected financial pitfalls. Teachers are able to easily monitor and grade student progress remotely. Other resources, which include articles, calculators, and personalizable Coach sessions, explain everything from the basics of filing your taxes to how health insurance works.

These resources are available at

“Thanks to Bank OZK, area students will now have access to a wide array of courses and resources designed to help prepare them for our increasingly complex world,” said Morgan Vandagriff, co-founder of Banzai. “We wouldn't be able to provide these tools without their support.”

“Bank OZK is committed to the communities we serve and is pleased to offer free Banzai access to students attending schools it sponsors in Arkansas,” said Angela Hudson, Director ofCommunity Responsibility. “A lack of financial literacy can lead to a lifetime of economic

challenges. Fortunately, teaching kids to be good stewards of their money can be an easy and engaging experience through resources like Banzai that will pay off in dividends for the rest of their lives.”

Bank OZK is working with Banzai to build financial literacy in the community by investing time, money, industry experience, and a variety of bank resources. Now, they’re taking their

commitment to education a step further. Through their help, students have access to Banzai

learning tools, virtual or in-classroom presentations from a Bank OZK expert, and even class

visits to a branch to see it all in person.

Banzai resources are used by over 100,000 teachers across the U.S. These educational tools

align with Arkansas’ state curriculum requirements, making the program a fun way for students to gain vital skills and an ideal way for anyone in the community to increase their financial literacy.

After finishing the Banzai courses, users will know how to track where their money is

and what it’s for, recognize financial trade-offs, and plan for a financially sound future.

Teachers interested in using Banzai can visit or call 888-8-BANZAI.

For more information about Banzai visit

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