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Authorities still looking for escaped Franklin County rapist one year after daring run from prison

In the long and stored history of the Arkansas Department of Corrections there have been many escapes and escape attempts over the years.

Currently the Arkansas DOC lists only three escaped inmates that have never been accounted for.

One is 74-year-old Veal Lee, who escaped on July 15th 1984 from Central Admissions and who has been on the run for over 37 years. The second is 57-year-old Hugo Campagne, an Illinois resident who got away from authorities on March 3, 2001.

The latest escapee from the system is a 39-year-old Logan County man who was convicted of rape of a minor out of Franklin County and had been jailed since 2013. On August 12, 2022 Samuel Hartman of Magazine went on the run after escaping the East Arkansas Regional Unit in Brickey while working with a field maintenance crew on State Highway 79.

According to officials, Hartman made his escape from the prison after his mom and sister left a jet ski near the highwsy that he used to cross the Mississippi River. Officials searched for Hartman in Tunica County over in Mississippi after a farmer reported two abandoned jet skis on a boat ramp near Mhoon landing park in that county.

At the time of his escape Hartman was described as being 5'9" and weighing 230 pounds. Authorities at the time said Hartman had ties to Tulsa and Wyoming and released a nationwide "be on the lookout" for the 39-year-old. The BOLO extended to Hartman's 38-year-old partner Misty Hartman and his 60-year old- mother Linda Annette White.

Hartman was serving a term of life in prison for the 2012 rape of a minor in Franklin County.

Neither Hartman or his accomplishes have been located since the escape.

Officials say that he should be considered armed and dangerous. He racked up a long list of dictionary plenary violations while he was in prison including multiple possession of manufacturing contraband items and battery to sexual activity between 2017-2020.

Officials say if you know anything about the whereabouts of this escaped rapist you're asked to contact your local law enforcement agency or the eastern Arkansas regional unit at 870-295-4700.

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