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Authorities looking for couple who went missing on camping trip in Colorado's Rocky Mountains

Robert and Mary Jane Bowman

Law enforcement officials in Colorado say a Garfield couple known to have been camping in the area of Alamosa, Co. last week has gone missing along with their truck and camping trailer.

" We are trying to find Robert and Mary Jane Bowman from Garfield, Arkansas", said an Alamosa County Sheriff's office spokesman. "They were in the area in the last few days and have not checked in with their Arkansas family."

According to police officials, . the vehicle is a blue 2001 Ford pickup with Arkansas plate 445-SBZ. The camper trailer is unique as it is a pickup bed camper mounted on a flatbed trailer.

2001 blue Ford pick-up / Arkansas 445-SBZ

It's unclear how long they've been missing.

The sheriff's office told one media outlet the Bowman's were last believed to be near the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve on Friday, May 27. That landmark in the Rocky Mountains is located just south of Blanca Peak. That area is approximately 94 miles slightly southwest of Colorado Springs.

According to the sheriff's office, their family did receive a brief message from them on Wednesday, June 1, but that didn't indicate where they were.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Alamosa County Sheriff's Office at 719-589-6608.

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