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August aggravated robbery results in sixteen-year sentence for Eucha, Oklahoma man

A Eucha, Oklahoma man entered a guilty plea in Sebastian County Circuit Court last week and was sentenced to sixteen years in prison on charges related to a robbery in Fort Smith in August of this year and the theft of a firearm in July.

Michael David Thompson was charged with Aggravated Robbery for the August incident and charged with Theft of Property-Firearms and Possession of Fi9rearms by Certain Persons for the gun-related incident in July.

In total. Thompson was given sixteen years imposed with an additional four years suspended after the robbery charge was amended from a Class Y to a Class B felony as part of the plea deal with the prosecutors. He was given cr3dit for time serve and will have to pay court cost and fees in monthly installments starting 90 days after his eventual release.

Thomspon was also order to have no future contact with the victim in the case.

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