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At least eighteen affiliated with Arkansas Southern Baptists named on released sex abuse list

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention published a 205-page list Thursday evening of hundreds of ministers and other church workers it described as being “credibly accused” of sexual abuse.

A report released Sunday by the denomination, prepared by a third-party investigator, said that national leaders of the group suppressed claims of sexual abuse and stymied proposals for reform over two decades.

You can read the entire list by clicking the following link:

Download PDF • 1.96MB

Though Southern Baptists have grappled with abuse allegations for years, the report sent shock waves through its churches for its descriptions of how leaders ignored and stifled victims’ pleas for help and resisted reforms. Among the most disturbing revelations,

Southern Baptist pastors and members said, was that leaders kept a secret list of reported abusers but appeared to take no action to ensure the people on the list were no longer in positions of influence in Southern Baptist settings.

Th0se listed as being from Arkansas, with highlights and details of those on the list who committed their acts of abuse within our readership area in Arkansas, include:

Msoutheark Aderholtr

  • Employed by Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock and Central Baptist Church in North Little Rock

John Lankston Anderson Jr.

  • Pulpit preacher at Southside in Russellville

Tim Ballard

  • Principal at Sylvan Hills First Baptist, a Baptist-sponsored Christian school

Larry Michael Berkley

  • Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church in Harrison

David Wayne Farren

  • Pastor at Anchor Church in Texarkana as well as Heritage Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, and Faith Church

Paul "Kevin" Hendrix

  • Youth minister, FBC in Cherokee Village

Nathaniel Hull Jr.

  • Preacher's son, First Baptist Church in West Helena

Keith Daniel Kiger

  • Youth minister, What Church in Winslow


  • [redacted] discussed sexual abuse in the 1980s

Tyson Norsworthy

  • Middle school coach at Sylvan Hills First Baptist, a Baptist-sponsored Christian school

Timothy E. Patton

  • Music minister at Danville First Baptist Church

Travis Payne

  • Pastor, South Texarkana Baptist Church

David Kent Price

  • Music minister at First Baptist Church in Benton

Timothy Lee Reddin

  • Director of missions, Central Baptist Association in Benton

  • Pastor at Turner Street Baptist Church in Springdale

  • Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Conway

  • Pastor at Pines Baptist Church in Quitman

  • Pastor at Barcelona Road Baptist Church in Hot Springs Village

Richard Thomas Riley

  • Former teacher at LifeWay Christian School, a ministry of First Baptist Centerton


  • Pastor arrested for raping mentally handicapped child at [redacted] location

Derek L Smittle

  • Youth volunteer at First Baptist Centeron


  • Pastor at unknown location accused for sexually assaulting 17-year-old in 2009.

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