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ASP civilian employees in Jonesboro fired over driver permit testing irregularities

Three Arkansas State Police driver license examiners were terminated yesterday from state employment for failure to follow procedures and statutory practices in administering driver license examinations. 

The employees who were dismissed from their jobs were classified as civilian employees and had been assigned to the Highway Patrol Division, Driver License Testing Office at Jonesboro.  The former employees are not commissioned state troopers. The facts which formed the basis for terminating the employees are now part of an on-going investigation being led by the department’s Criminal Investigation Division.  Additionally the Arkansas State Police and Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration are working together to identify driver license test applicants who were issued permits between May 4th – August 17th this year. 

As early as next week, individuals who received driving permits from the Jonesboro state police office during the three month period should expect to receive letters from DF&A’s Office of Driver Services. 

The letter will direct recipients to contact the Arkansas State Police as soon as possible at a specific telephone number or email address provided below:

Telephone number & Email address reserved for questions about driver license test permits issued at Jonesboro

Highway Patrol Troop C (501) 618-8810

  A driver test permit certifies a driver license applicant has successfully passed the written and skills portion of the test and clears the way for an applicant to obtain an Arkansas Driver License from DF&A’s Driver Services.   The Troop C Driver License Testing Office hours have been temporarily expanded to accommodate additional road skills testing that may be required if a permit holder was not properly tested as prescribed by Arkansas Code Annotated §27-16-704(b)(2). 

The office will be open Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 7 PM and Saturday, 8 AM – 5 PM.  The 7 AM weekday hour and all day Saturday are reserved specifically for individuals with permits or licenses who were not administered a road skills test. 

Anyone who received a driver permit at the Jonesboro office between the May and August dates should immediately contact the state police during regular business hours at the dedicated phone number and email address that has been provided.  Any driver license issued by DF&A Driver Services based on a state police testing permit issued at the Jonesboro testing site during the identified three month time period could become invalid by the end of September unless the licensee contacts the state police to certify whether a skills test was administered.  The Craighead County Prosecuting Attorney will be provided the findings of the state police investigation to determine whether criminal charges will be filed against the former employees who allegedly tampered with an official state record. 

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