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Arkansas State police investigating Sharp County officer-involved shooting

The Arkansas State Police is conducting an investigation into the use of deadly force by three northeast Arkansas law enforcement agencies. 

The investigation arises out of an incident near Hardy last night (Wednesday, June 24th) when a local resident exited a home with a gun and fired at police and sheriff’s deputies. Hardy Police initially responded at 6:45 PM to 3440 Highway 62/412 where Jerod White, 28, of Ash Flat had been seen outside with a gun.  As police arrived, White reportedly fired the gun at an officer. The officer was not injured, but retreated from the area and requested additional law enforcement assistance.  Meanwhile, White entered a camper trailer located on the property.  Law enforcement officers eventually made contact with White by telephone and attempted to negotiate a peaceful surrender.

Almost three hours later, minutes before 10 PM, White exited the trailer brandishing a gun and fired a second time at officers and deputies who returned fire, wounding White.

White who was then airlifted to an area hospital.  White was reported to be in stable condition when taken from the scene by emergency medical personnel. At least two police officers, one from Hardy, the other from Highland and two Sharp County sheriff’s deputies, fired guns at White.  None of the law enforcement officers were injured. Questions relating to the names of the local police officers and sheriff’s deputies, as well as their administrative status with the respective department, should be directed to the chief law officer at each department. Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division are conducting the investigation that will be used by the county prosecuting attorney to determine whether the use of deadly force by the officers and deputies was consistent with Arkansas law.

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