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Arkansas Game and Fish Commision reminds public about restrictions involving protected turtles

Alligator snapping turtles are found exclusively in the United States. Their range extends from Northern Florida to eastern Texas and as far north as Iowa.

They are almost exclusively aquatic, and tend to stay submerged and motionless for so long that algae begins to grow on their shells.

They can go 50 minutes before needing to surface for a gulp of air. Except for egg-laying females, these turtles almost never come on land. River systems, lakes, and wetland comprise their preferred habitats.

In Arkansas, it is unlawful to kill, take, attempt to take, or possess alligator snapping turtles, their eggs, or other parts from the wild.

Learn more from National Wildlife Federation or on Alligator Snapping Turtles, their website:

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