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Arkansas AG speaks out on New York state attempt to dissolve NRA

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today issued a statement following the announcement of separate lawsuits filed by attorneys general in New York and the District of Columbia against the National Rifle Association and the NRA Foundation. The lawsuit looks to dissolve the organization.

“This litigation is nothing more than a political stunt by liberal attorneys general against the NRA to ultimately continue the never-ending assault against our right to bear arms,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “As the State’s chief legal officer, I am committed to protecting and preserving our Second Amendment right and will not permit New York politicians to infringe on Arkansans’ constitutional liberties by attempting to dissolve organizations that don’t align with their anti-American agendas."+ 

"I would welcome the NRA leadership and their corporation with open arms to call the Natural State home because we are a State which still reveres the Constitution."  

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