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Area bordered by Grand, South 37th, South Z and Wheeler Avenue permeated with offenders

(Editor's note: Because of the way we are mapping the various areas of the city in an effort to ascertain concentrated groupings of Registered Sex Offenders in Fort Smith, it is possible that a small number of offenders may show up more than once in the resulting photo arrays. This is because as we change our midpoints on the map, some of the offenders may be on the "fringe" or outside edge of the circle. We will endeavor to keep duplications of photos to a minimum.)

As we continue out mapping effort of registered sex offenders inside the Fort Smith city limits, we have come across a disturbing one mile radius in a neighborhood that is two-thirds in the south-central part of the southside of town.

Bordered by an area that is topped by Grand Avenue and North 17th Street, Rogers Avenie and South 37th to the west, South 22nd and South Z to the south and to the intersection of Wheeler and Dodson Avenue to the east. a wide variety of levels and classifications reside inside the one-mile radius.

The listed offenders range in age from 22 to 74 years of age and have committed just about every form of sexual crimes that are on the books in the state of Arkansas. There are at least six Level Four Sexually Dangerous offenders within the designated area.

There are also twenty Level Three High Risk offenders on the list, while the remainder are all classified as Level Two or One.

You can learn more about these and other sex offenders in Fort Smith by following the link to Fort Smith Police Department Sex Offenders.

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