• Dennis McCaslin

Another group of registered sex offenders on Fort Smith's south side

While not as infested as the other two areas we have highlighted over the past two days, another neighborhood on the south side of Fort Smith has eight sex offenders living within a quarter-mile triangle -shaped radius.

Bordered n one side by the 5500 block of Towson Avenue, stretching south to the 6200 block of South 11 and back over east to an apartment complex in the 1700 block of Brazil Avenue, there are seven Level 2 and one Level 1 offenders residing in the sector.

Level 1 offenders are considered medium risk to reoffend. Level 1 are classified as low risk.

Three of the offenders live in the same apartment complex at 1701 Brazil Avenue.

Crimes committed among the eight include rape, sodomy, child molestation, sexual assault, sexual conduct with a 13-year-old, aggravated criminal sexual assault, sexual indecency with a child (15-year-old female). and indecent exposure to a a 13 and 14 year -old female.

You can get more information the registered offenders and other by following the link to http://www.fortsmithpd.org/index.php/citizens-portal/sex-offender-information

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