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"...and then there was the day that Russian soldiers claimed aliens attacked Fort Chafee."

(Editor's Note: This article first appeared on Today in Fort Smith back in November of fact, this was the third article to ever appear on the website. Giv en all the "UFO activity" over Fort Smith recently we thought it would be a good time to share this one again.)

With all of the talk about Russia, Russians and Russians meddling in the affairs of the United States in the news lately, it’s good to know that Pravda, the official Russian language national newspaper, has been watching our backs since at least 2002.

A devoted reader who is married to a former Russian citizen is visiting the country this week and he shared a story that was first circulated in 2002 about an incident that supposedly took place on then-called Camp Chaffee in Sebastian County.

The article, which dates the incident as happening between April 15 and May 5 of 1992 was recently reprinted in an English-language version in an online format in the “Looking Back on 25-year category” of the newspaper earlier this month.

The truth may be out there. We’ll leave that up to you.

Here is the translated entire story as it originally appeared:

“An American officer, who wished to remain anonymous, affirmed that aliens took part in a military exercise that took place in Arkansas several years ago.

"There are some things that I cannot talk about. Yet, I think I can say something."

Airborne troops conducted their exercise from April 15 to May 5, 1992. The event took place on the territory of the Fort Chaffee army base. The exercise was performed under the code name “Operation Curtain.”

Special units of airborne troops from Venezuela, Ecuador, the USA, and Puerto Rico, took part in the exercise. The troops were sent to swamps in a remote part of the base. It was ordered not to allow the dummy bridge that was built for the exercise to be exploded.

No unit managed to prevent the explosion of the bridge. Neither the Venezuelans, nor Americans, nor the soldiers from Ecuador managed to detect the “enemy.”

“No one could understand how the saboteur made its way without even bumping into any of the best units. Nevertheless, it happened,” said the officer.

Commandos from Puerto Rico encircled the swamp and started waiting for the “enemy.”

“A strange noise could be heard in the distance at about 00.30 a.m. Soldiers thought that the ‘enemy’ landed on the other side of the swamp. Everybody was ready to meet them.

“The only aspect that we did not know was the time that would take for the ‘enemy’ to cross the swamp. Before the exercise started, the commandos were given an order not to use night vision devices. However, there was an American sergeant among the Puerto-Ricans who had such a device.

“The soldiers soon heard strange sounds coming from the other side of the swamp. The sounds were getting more and more distinct. Everybody was staring in the direction of the sound, but no one saw anything at all."

“Suddenly, everyone smelled the strong smell of the swamp. One of Puerto Rican officers ran out of patience and asked the American sergeant to give him the night vision device.

“The officer looked around the territory and he saw three small creatures. They were visible with the naked eye. The officer gave the night vision device to another officer and so on. Everybody saw the weird ‘enemy.’ The soldiers eventually contacted their command. The command kept silence for a long while, and then it was ordered to carefully watch the creatures without bringing harm to them.”

“They were like little people, about one meter high. They looked absolutely white in the night vision devices. There was another such creature sitting on a stump, as if it was watching the crawling ones.

At first I thought that they were wearing some kind of helmets. But then I realized that they were not helmets, but their long, egg-like heads. I could even see their big black eyes with no eye-balls.

It also seemed to me that they had two little holes instead of a nose. I did not see a mouth. They had four fingers on their hands.

The officer also said that a helicopter arrived soon and took the “little people” away. The command strictly ordered everyone to maintain silence about the event.

The American officer was struck with what he saw. He did not say anything about it for two years. Who were those creatures? What were they doing among military men? How far did it all go?"

Today in Fort Smith has tried to reach Mulder and Scully, Agents K and J from “Men in Black,” Erich von Däniken, Kolchack, Orson Welles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buck Rogers from the 21st Century and The Great Gazoo for comment but none of the calls have been returned.

It could be true, but t’s probably a conspiracy.

Because we all know that the New World Order would never allow aliens to get that close to the citizen re-education camp they have been running out there since 1972.

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