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An open letter to Beth Duensing and a couple of pertinent questions...

An Open Letter to Beth Duensing, AKA Lauren Shipman,


According to your Facebook page, you are employed as a Pediatric Rheumatologist/Chief Medical Officer at Pediatric Rheumatology Associates and Gulf Coast Pediatric Infusion.

If you don’t mind, we would like to ask you to clarify… it seems we can’t find a physical address or phone number for this clinic.

Our questions don’t stop there, though.

Our staff did some digging. It seems as if you do not hold a medical license in the state of Alabama or the state of Florida. You do, however, hold a medical license in the state of Arkansas.

It expires this year, but it appears to be valid.

Our staff did some more digging. We thought maybe, just maybe, you had been granted an emergency license so you could practice medicine in the Florida/Alabama area in which you live.

Another dead end. According to information provided to Today in Fort Smith, physicians living in Alabama are granted the “emergency license” for the sole purpose of treating patients suffering from and affected by the 2018 Novel Coronavirus.

So Bethie...we can call you Bethie, right? Do you mind answering a few questions for the staff of Today in Fort Smith that you called “idiots” a few days ago?

Does the Pediatric Rheumatology Associates and Gulf Coast Pediatric Infusion actually exist?

If so, do they know you their “Chief Medical Officer” does not have a medical license in either Florida or Alabama?

Are you practicing medicine without a license, Bethie? I mean… wouldn’t that make you the idiot?

Asking for a friend.

Sincerely, Today in Fort Smith

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