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Acquaintance of confessed killer details background information on Quake Lewellyn

(Editors note: The person who made the comments in the story below has asked to remain anonymous due to the volatile nature of the subject matter and because of family and business ties to those involved.)

On Friday evening, Today in Fort Smith was granted an exclusive interview with a southeast Arkansas man who described intimate background details of a troubled Quake Lewellyn.

Lewellyn was recently charged with capital murder, kidnapping and rape in the brutal murder of 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland. Sutherland disappeared on August 19th while she was jogging in the Newport area.

Local law enforcement and dozens of volunteers searched for Sutherland for days before Quake Lewellyn, 28, confessed to murdering the young nurse.

A local to the Newport area reached out to Today in Fort Smith after reading one of our initial stories covering the Sutherland case. He had this to say about Quake Lewellyn:

“Quake has always been trouble to one degree or another. When he was younger, he was caught peering into the bathroom and bedroom windows of local women. He tried to watch women change clothes or shower.”

When asked about the rumors circulating about Quake hurting animals, the source had this to say: “Those aren’t rumors. Quake would put cats and other small animals in a microwave oven and watch them die,” he said.

“It was horrible. Someone should have done something about Quake long ago. But what really could be done? I don’t want anyone blaming his family. Quake’s family are all really good people. This is all on Quake. Quake is the monster.”

The source also recounted a tale of Quake’s fascination with stalking local girls throughout the years.

“Quake would fixate on young girls he wanted to be with. He would bother them and sometimes even stalk them. He bothered my niece on multiple occasions. We had to tell Quake to stay away from our property. I never had a good feeling about Quake Lewellyn and now I know why.”

According to the source, the full truth of Quake Lewellyn’s complicated mental state will come to light over the weeks and months ahead.

“There are too many people in this area that know Quake Lewellyn was a troubled soul,” he said. “The truth will come out. And when it does, God help us all.”

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2 Kommentare

02. Sept. 2020

wydzgrl - I understand what you’re saying. Someone should have spoken out much sooner. I do feel that the person who gave the interview had the best intentions, trying to give a some semblance of what Quake’s mind was like. I know myself I put so much thought in to how & why it happened. (I puts hours into researching missing people, daily, always hoping so much to help find someone. The interviewer did say Quake did these things when he was younger., which is still pervy to peek in windows. Torturing and murdering innocent animals is a common blueprint for seriously-deranged, violent criminals. I hope he never gets out of prison. RIP beautiful Sydney. Your family speaks so lovingly…

Gefällt mir

31. Aug. 2020

If you knew about this years ago? Why didn’t you have him investigated before? There should be a paper trail so he could’ve been listed as a predator!!

Gefällt mir
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