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Accused Johnson County pedophile released Monday on cash bond

Michael Vick

A 35-year-old Clarksville man who had been in jail since late August o a Rape charge involving someone under the age of fourteen was apparently released on a $150,000 cash bond on Monday following a probable cause hearing back on August 24.

Vick was arrested on August 23 on a warrant that was issued on May 11 of this year. The crime was committed on December 10, 2019 according to court records.

Anthony Charles Vick r records.was treleased on a $150,000 cash bond that was set at that probable cause hearing in August.

At that time, Judge William Pearson refuses to appoint the public defender to take the case and also issued a no-contact order between Vick and the victim identified only by her initials in the court records. The order also restricts him from being around "minor children".

That came on the heels of a May protective order, which also served to seal the majority of information in the case from public purview.

Vick is due back in court on October 2 according to court records.

Rape in Arkansas is a Class Y Felony carries a minimum sentence of ten years, but no more than 40 years or life.

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