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Accident during solo skydiving attempt Saturday at Sallisaw takes life of 44 year-old Poteau woman

According to information from a Sunday morning press release from the Sallisaw police department, a 44-year-old Poteauwoman died and in skydiving incident Saturday at around 3:30 afternoon at thee Sallisaw Airport.

According to information from the Sallisaw police, Heather Glasgow was conducting a solo skydiving exercise when issues with her parachutes apparently caused her to go into some sort of spin. She could not recover from the spin and crashed into the ground.

First responders got to Glasgow quickly and she was transported to Northeastern Health system Sequoyah for further treatment where she succumb to her injuries approximately 6 and 1/2 hours later.

Sallisaw Police department is working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office to determine the exact cost of death.

Glasgow was a student of the Adventure Skyydive Center in Sallisaw andhad previously conducted a tandem skydive as well attending two classes for first time jumpers.

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