• Dennis McCaslin

Northwest Arkansas filmmakers looking to go where few Arkansan's have gone

For over 50 years, Star Trek has captivated and inspired the minds of countless fans. Fans like Arkansans Josh Irwin and Victoria Fox, two inspiring filmakers who reside in northwest Arkansas.

Josh has wanted to make fan films since childhood. A science fiction fan since the age of 5, Josh first picked up a camera at 14 and hasn't put it down since.

In 2004, he earned a degree in Film and Video Production from Full Sail University in Orlando Florida.

His career has spanned broadcast journalism, corporate video, and independent film.

Josh brings not only his deep love of Star Trek to this project, but also his passion for visual storytelling and over 20 years of film and video production experience.

Victoria has been a storyteller and performer since early childhood. She believes that stories, honestly and beautifully told, have an incredible and unique power.

That belief is inspired in part by her love of Star Trek. While studying theatre in college, Victoria found opportunities to perform and work in film. She has since worked in a wide variety of roles both in front of and behind the camera including wardrobe, production design, script supervisor, assistant director, director, casting, and producer.

She's hauled more than a few sand bags, wrangled her share of cables, and even been a stand in boom op. This broad array of experience helps Victoria provide a big picture perspective to every project along with her passion for character driven stories.

According to Josh and Victoria, Star Trek had a huge impact on who they wanted to be when they grew up and now they are confident they can create this film as a work of love while providing quality entertainment in the spirit of Star Trek.

If you are a Star Trek fan, or just someone who enjoys movies, you can help Josh and Victoria make their dream a reality by visiting: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/demons-a-star-trek-fan-film--2?fbclid=IwAR0sosdL8kWUSOLam-vZcJhhrtt-vn9KCPyoc_pKwsIK9Hw4vaGoBB-zTPc#