• Dennis McCaslin

The Lost: Peggy Ann Sweeten - Missing since January 17, 1998

A Grove, Oklahoma woman vanished off the face of the earth sometime on January 17, 1998 and to this day some of her family, friends, and law enforcement officials feel fairly confident that might know what happened to her.

It was on that day just over 21-years ago when Peggy Ann Sweeten just "wasn't home" on the day that her husband returned from an educational conference to their Grand Lake area residence.

According to James Sweeten, the then 52-year-old Peggy had left a note saying she had "taken off with a gentleman from the internet" and left her wedding rings. None of her personal belongings including her car, clothing, photos or mementos were missing from the residence.

Just a little more than three and half years later, officials in Delaware County obtained a search warrant for the Sweeten property, and that 2011 search warrant revealed at the time of Peggy's disappearance that James Sweeten has involved in an extramarital affair with a woman he married in December of the same year in which his wife "went missing".

Sweeten's son told investigators that James Sweeten didn't inform him that Peggy was missing for two and a half months after she "left" that his mother didn't have a computer--or an email address for that matter--and that he was convinced that his father had something to do with her disappearance.

He said he couldn't convince his father to even file a missing person report until June of that year.

In April of 1998,, James Sweeten filed for a divorce---which was granted when Peggy failed to show up in court-- and he and the woman he was having the affair with moved in together a short time later before getting married in December.

The search warrant that revealed all this information was issued after James Sweeten refused a polygraph and would not permit a noninvasive search of his property. Just months after Peggy's disappearance he built a tool shed in this backyard n"to pass the time", and ground penetrating radar used during the search warrant later showed an anomaly beneath the shed that tuned out to be a tree root.

That search warrant as executed in 2001, and at that time District Attorney Eddie Wyant said “We are going to continue pursuing the investigation in Peggy Sweeten's disappearance, and we believe James Sweeten is a person of interest in her disappearance and presumed death,”

Eighteen years later, that remains the official stance. Authorities believe Peggy was a homicide victim, and James is considered a primary person of interest in her presumed death,

At the time Peggy went missing w*she was 5-4 and weighed 145 pounds., She had black hair cut "short around her face". She had brown eyes and wore glasses. If alive, she would now be 72-years-old.

If you have any information that might help investigators solve this case you are asked to call Randy Mathia of the District 13 District Attorney's office at 918-542-3224.