• Dennis McCaslin

Rutledge touts preparedness for potentially dangerous spring weather events

As springtime nears, the threat of severe weather increases. There are steps Arkansans can take to be better prepared heading into a potentially dangerous season, which often brings large amounts of rain, floods, severe storms and tornadoes. “We often talk about what to do following a natural disaster, but there are steps Arkansans can take ahead of time to prepare for a potential disaster,” said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “I urge Arkansans to take time to protect your finances and property in advance of the stormy season. These preparations prevent harm to families, promote financial security, and prevent loss of items that may become lost or damaged.” Attorney General Rutledge released the following tips on how to prepare for potential storms:

  • Create an emergency plan to share with friends, family and neighbors.

  • Heed severe weather warnings. Once a warning is issued, go to a safe place.

  • Secure personal belongings. It is a good idea to always keep an updated record of the descriptions and serial numbers of electronics and other valuables in case they need to be tracked down, replaced or reported to the insurance company after a disaster strikes.

  • Review insurance policies and consult with a qualified agent or broker to assess insurance coverages.

Recent storms have pushed the capacity of the Cache River to major flood watch due to a threatened breach of the levee along the White River. Both Woodruff and Jackson county officials will continue to monitor and notify local residents of the rivers and levees status as wet weather will continue throughout spring.