• Dennis McCaslin

Today is what day? National Teal Talk Day - Ovarian Cancer- September 23

Let’s talk.

September 23 is Teal Talk Day. Over 249,000 women are diagnosed annually with ovarian cancer, worldwide. Gather your friends, wear teal for a day out together and talk.

Join a group of co-workers for lunch. Men are welcome, also. They have mothers, wives, daughters and sisters at risk for ovarian cancer. They should have the Teal Talk, too!

There is no standard screening for ovarian cancer. In absence of a test, awareness is best. In the hour it might take to have the Teal Talk during lunch, approximately 28 women would have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Invite your closest friends, neighbors and sisters for drinks in the back yard. Wear your favorite teal and give the Teal Talk. Let them know early detection improves survival rates by 90%.

Make sure they know the symptoms. Persistent bloating, lack of energy, loss of appetite and feeling fuller sooner. Find more symptoms at Ovarcome.org.

Go for a walk with your mom and her friends. Even if it’s a short one it will be long enough for a Teal Talk. Ask them about family history and encourage them to share it with their daughters and granddaughters.

Encourage them to see their gynecologist to review family history for inherited risk factors. Families with a strong history of ovarian or breast cancer have a 15-40% lifetime risk when compared to the general population according to the National Cancer Institute

Find out more information at Ovarcome.org and have the Teal Talk with the people in your lives.

Celebrate Teal Talk Day in honor of all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Ovarcome encourages you to talk about ovarian cancer especially on September 23, but also every day.

Every day is a good day to talk about ovarian cancer. Follow Ovarcome on FB, Twitter, and Instagram for information, education, updates, and Teal celebrations! Together, we can Ovarcome!

Ovarcome founded Teal TalkDay to raise awareness on ovarian cancer and to encourage everyone to talk about it. With no screening currently available, Ovarcome wants you to be on top of symptoms – be empowered. You can help save a life!

Ovarcome was founded on February 23, 2012. Ovarcome is celebrating their 5 years of service to the ovarian cancer community by starting this national and global movement to talk about ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is a Silent Disease – but Ovarcome encourages you to be VOCAL about it! In the absence of a screening test, knowledge and awareness are the best ways to empower women and families. Teal Talk Day brings that knowledge and awareness to you.