• Dennis McCaslin

Assault on a family or household member charge filed against Cradduck

The spiraling descent of former Benton County Sheriff Kelley Cradduck continued on Sunday morning when the disgraced former public servant was arrested once again, this time on a third-degree assault charge on a family or household member,which is a misdemeanor.

Cradduck, who has charged with felony charges after a paperwork debacle in which he ordered an employee to "backdate" a new hire's start date, lost his bid for the Republican nomination to continue as sheriff of Benton County in 2016 and promptly resigned his post.

He was found guilty of the lesser charge of misdemeanor tampering and was sentenced to six months probation but later had his record expunged.

Having his record expunged resulted in the commission that certifies law enforcement officials in the state to allow him to keep his credentials that would have made him eligible to work as an officer, but after an announcement that he had been hired as a deputy in Carroll County emerged, public scrutiny and the objections of the local prosecutor resulted in that offer of employment being withdrawn.

Being booked on Sunday left Cradduck jailed awaiting a bond hearing and a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 18 according to court officials.