• Dennis McCaslin

No supervision and no gun safety lead to brother killing brother in Tulsa

(TULSA, OK)-- In a day and age when much of the political debate is about controlling "guns," a sharper look needs to be taken at the who, why, and how. Because, let's face it, guns don't walk around pulling their own triggers and killing people.

-Who is supervising these children?

-How are children obtaining weapons?

-Why are they unattended with weapons?

It seems to be a rhetorical question which nobody worries about until a shooting happens close to home. In Tulsa, a 15 year-old boy has been arrested in the shooting death of his 17 year-old brother in a case that is bound to keep stirring the gun pot.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker said the younger brother had been shooting the gun earlier that day and handling it in a reckless manor prior to the shooting. He also said the brother admitted to taking out the clip, assuming it was unloaded, then pointing it at his brother.

The end result was one fatal shot that took the life of a boy at the cusp of becoming an adult.

According to authorities, the 15-year-old was arrested for first-degree manslaughter, making this Tulsa’s 16th homicide of 2018.

In a national note, the gun/anti-gun debate continues to rage on like the Kiluea volcano in Hawaii, and there is no simple answer. Celebrities keep calling for change, but they just got rid of a President who did absolutely nothing about school shootings. No added security in schools, no mandatory National Guard or police officers manning the doors at schools, and no legislation to seem like change was even an option.

So what do we do now? In America, a sad number of people blame the President who inherited a mess. Those same people also want the 2nd amendment abolished and guns taken from every law abiding citizen within our borders.

Although that is never the answer, the debate continues and a 17 year-old boy is dead because of the real problem.

No present parenting, no present supervision, and no education on gun safety. Until we can nail those issues down, there will always be intentional shootings and accidental deaths.