• Dennis McCaslin

Officer involved shooting in Clarksville in November ruled justifiable by PA

David Gibbons, prosecuting attorney for the Fifth Judicial District, recently ruled that the use of deadly force by a Clarksville police officer in the shooting of a man last month was justified.

Gibbons stated in a letter to Sgt. Joe Carter of the Arkansas State Police that he reviewed the report of the shooting of Nyung Kyee, 56, who died after he reportedly brandished a knife at Clarksville police the night of Saturday, Nov. 4.

Gibbons said he determined the circumstances surrounding the use of deadly force by Daryl Clubb of the CPD and determined whether the use of deadly force was justified under Arkansas Law.

"It is clear that patrolman Clubb was reasonable in believing that deadly force was necessary to defend not only himself but possibly the other patrolmen from the use of force by Kyee who, despite commands from Clubb to drop the knife and stop, continued to rapidly advance on Clubb closing the distance between the two so that Clubb's life was in imminent danger,"

Gibbons said in his conclusion. "Clearly, the use of deadly force by Patrolman Club was justified under Arkansas law.

ASP special agents investigated the Nov. 4 shooting and turned their report over to Gibbons late last month.