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14th Judicial District Drug Task Force bust results in three arrests

On Wednesday officers from the Boone County area, including the Harrison Police Department Special Operations Team, Boone County Sheriff's Office, Mountain Home Police Department, Branson Police Department and the 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force executed three simultaneous search warrants on Primrose Lane in Boone County.

Numerous items of contraband were seized including approximately 289 pounds of processed marijuana and approximately 176 pounds of THC edibles and wax valued at approximately $836,476.00,  three vehicles valued at approximately $190,000.00, three all terrain vehicles valued at approximately $12,000.00, two motorcycles valued at approximately $27,000.00, 67 firearms, and $6,411.00 in U.S. currency. A total of $1,071,887.00 in drugs and items were seized in the investigation.

Three persons were arrested and face charges. According to information obtained from Boone County the only suspects arrested on drug charges in Boone County in the last 48-hour period were:

-Ryan Lee Womack, age 20

-Marcus A. Mendoza, age 23

-Richard Donaldson- age unknown

Information obtained by Harrison Police lead to an investigation involving them, the Boone County Sheriff's Office, and the 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force. The investigation revealed that large amounts of marijuana and edibles, containing THC, were being transported from other states to the Boone County Arkansas area for resale.

The edibles seized included hundreds of packages of THC products that were commercially packaged to mimic "Gummy" type candies. We are finding these in our local schools and we will have zero tolerance for this type of activity in our communities.

The 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force covers Baxter, Boone, Marion and Newton Counties in Arkansas and is made up of a Commander and two full time Investigators that are employed solely by the Drug Task Force, and approximately eight Officers that are assigned to the Drug Task Force from supporting agencies.

Those supporting agencies are the Baxter, Boone, Marion, and Newton County Sheriff's Offices and the Harrison and Mountain Home Police Departments. Specific, assigned Officers from those agencies act as Drug Task Force Agents when outside their normal jurisdiction.

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